nathalie maufroy
nathalie maufroy
nathalie maufroy



 A video installation for box(es) 


Audience travel from miniature to gigantic to end up lost in a white box.


2 sizes:

 Box of 220cm x 220cm,  space needed: H220cm x P650cm x L220cm.

Box : 45cmx45cm, installation space :H160cm x W50cm x D130cm



Theater op de markt, octobre 2017, big version outdoor

Festival LookIN'OUT, October 2016, WORK IN PROGRESS of the smallest version

Libitum (FR) residency program, June 2016 + WORK IN PROGRESS of the smallest version

WORK IN PROGRESS - 19 November 2015 @ BAMP for the BAMP/AdLIB opening.

WORK IN PROGRESS - First WORK IN PROGRESS for Le parcours d'artistes @ BAMP, big version - September /October 2015 

Residency @ BAMP between April and July 2015.  


Supported by BAMP, AdLIB, Theater op de Markt / Dommelhof and a private philanthropist.  /   /  +32 (0) 485 021 436